Muyiwa Afolabi

Muyiwa Afolabi is a very passionate social entrepreneur. Born and raised in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria to parents who were both civil servants until they retired. Muyiwa often meditated and wondered about his immediate environment – a society where many people were so poor and a handful were super rich.
Growing up in a society where the power base of the Nigerian military is, Muyiwa saw and observed powerful people & officers who were also political leaders in Nigeria, and also interacted with their families as friends and classmates.
Muyiwa saw money, power, influence and privilege operating alongside abject poverty, lack, oppression, subjugation and injustice.
His parents, who were religious people told him the prosperity imbalance was perhaps according to God’s design, but his friends from very affluent backgrounds told him it was a matter of choice. These two conflicting opinions set Muyiwa up for a long quest about the earth, the world and how to find good success.
His natural love for humanity and great compassion for the less privilege and the oppressed kept him seeking for answers and so far, he has discovered, experimented and affirmed strong concepts and principles that can actually make anyone succeed legitimately in this life! Indeed, it’s a matter of choice!
Muyiwa Afolabi, after working in two leading multinationals in Nigeria for many years, is today, a world class Business and Career Coach. He has trained over 10,000 people worldwide and coached over 400 teams within the last decade.
Muyiwa inspires millions of viewers and listeners on his various business, career and leadership talk shows on radio & TV across Africa, Europe and the United States.
Rated 10th out of 100 top global business coaches to follow on social Media in New York (August 2015), he was also featured on CNN, sharing tips on entrepreneurship in Africa; November 2017 (Parts Unknown, with Anthony Bourdain, 12 episodes) 
He is a Fellow, Global Institute of Management Consulting (licensed to practice in 48 countries including the G8)
– A Fellow, Commonwealth Association of Leaders & Managers, UK.
– A Managerial Psychologist, Certified Public Relations Expert, Certified Marketing and branding Expert.
– A social reformer, erudite Blogger, Public Analyst, Professional Speaker, Media Entrepreneur and CEO; Frontiers International Services Limited amongst many other things.
Muyiwa is married and blessed with 3 lovely children.