Walked in broke, walked out rich!

It was the final stage of the pitch – a regional media campaign for a leading brand in Nigeria. More than 10 media companies invited, series of presentations carried out all the way down to the final 3 agencies. My Agency pitched to cover the northern region, it had the highest number of stations, locations and budget. Things had been quite slow and difficult lately for us and winning this pitch was a lifeline. I had invested so much money and time in the pursuit of this business, if we do not win it, our business will most likely sink. We were already 2 months behind in salaries, so winning this business was the only hope.

So my heart sunk when I was told the final presentations will be at the headquarters in Lagos not in Abuja where we were based, so I’d have to fly in from Abuja and lodge in a hotel for 2 nights in Lagos! I didn’t have the money so I borrowed from my wife, assuring her once I’m back, I’ll pay her back.

On my flight from Abuja, I asked my seat partner whom I figured was based in Lagos if he could recommend a good, quiet and affordable Hotel in Ikeja where I could lodge, think and plan and without hesitation, he recommended L’eola Hotel at Maryland in Ikeja.

The presentation was also in Ikeja GRA, so it was very comfortable and convenient. The hotel met my expectations perfectly – quiet, serene, beautiful, matured, functional and welcoming.

The room was extremely homely, the people were warm and friendly and the food was indeed home away from home. I loved it!

The pitch eventually was bad news! We didn’t win. We came second, so we were dropped. I returned to the hotel sad, discouraged and confused. I didn’t see any way out of my challenges. My business was about to die and I was penniless – I was without hope!

Instead of sitting in my hotel room brooding, lamenting and feeling sorry for myself that night, I decided to go sit by the poolside to think clearly of solutions, options and my next steps.

After a few minutes of being by myself, two gentlemen came to sit by the pool as well, they sat quite close to my table. So I could hear them clearly as they talked about business and investments, sports, entertainment and family. They were Europeans from the way they spoke. Then one began to lament to the other about how he needed a media agency in Nigeria to partner with very urgently, and how he’d been struggling to find a suitable one in terms of structure and size. I, without hesitation, walked up to their table, introduced myself and joined the conversation.

Fast forward three weeks after, my media Agency became the official and exclusive media partner of one of the fastest-growing media businesses in South Africa. Three new and big accounts were immediately transferred to my Agency and today, we are doing very well and making good money!

Your location will always determine your allocation, my friend. Where you go, where you stay will determine who you meet, what you discuss and what you win.

For great opportunities with great progressive, matured and business-minded people, L’eola hotel, Maryland, Ikeja Lagos is your cool bet. It happened for me there, it will happen for you there.

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