Your results, Your methods.
Your results, Your methods.

It’s really good to have dreams… we all have dreams, or at least we all had dreams; Exciting, interesting and inspiring dreams. We all have or had dreams about our future – the kind of life we wanted for ourselves, the kind of marriages we wanted, the kind of homes we wanted, the kind of income we wanted, the kind of profession we wanted the kind of cars we wanted, how we would like to dress, the kind of friends we’d want to have and so very many beautiful wishes and dreams. It’s good to have dreams, in fact thinking about them alone bring smiles to our faces; it is so good to have a dream.

In my interaction with so many people as a coach and as a social reformer, many people I know from humble backgrounds have sworn to become rich when they grow up. They hate the fact their parents were broke and for them, such an experience must not repeat itself with them, so they make up their minds to become rich when they become adults but alas, it’s hardly so for most of them.

Many people from humble backgrounds hardly live better lives than their parents, they hardly become as rich as they wished for; some are in fact worse off than their parents. Their dreams hardly come true.

I also know people from backgrounds of broken homes and very troubled marriages. Many make up their minds that their own case would be different when they eventually get married. They would wish and desire a very happy, loving and successful home. They’ll swear to do all they can to make sure their family life is much better than those of their parents, but unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out that way. Some even end up in worse marriages than of the parents, some sadly end up in divorce and severe physical abuse.

I know a gentleman who worked as a departmental driver in a company where I used to work. Though a driver he loved journalism, he loved to write, he loved to investigate and loved the news. He would tell me anytime we had an opportunity to interact how someday he would become a renowned journalist in Nigeria. He loved the profession and wanted to practice, at that time he was a driver and I’m not sure after almost 12 years, he is in the practice of journalism, no I don’t think so.

Ladies and gentlemen, most times our dreams we visualize from the dimension of outcomes and results only. We mentally picture ourselves at the end of success, we hardly think deep about the journey and process towards the dream.

We focus more on what we want to become, and hardly do we consider the ‘how’ of that wonderful dream.

You want to become a multimillionaire, how? You want to marry early, how? You want a good marriage, how? You want to become great and successful at something, how?

Dear friends, your real results in life is not a consequence of your dreams, but an outcome of your deeds. It is impossible to dream into reality anything you desire. No. You must work towards the dream for it to become a reality.

The power of a dream is to provide a mental picture of what you’re after in life, and the power of your mind and muscles is the energy for pursuit. Anything you don’t chase, you can never apprehend.

Why do most of us fail to realize our dreams in life? It is very simple, it’s because we want to determine the process and method of realizing the dream. We want to chase it our own way, not the standard way.

 To every dream or pursuit in life, there are rules, laws, principles and standard methods for accomplishment. Unfortunately, most of us want to set our own rules, our own standards, our own methods based on ease, convenience and comfort. Unfortunately, life has no regard for your own rules.

For example, when I hold seminars outside of Lagos, I have some people approach me with some brilliant business ideas that can work, I commend them but I tell them this truth, such a business can only succeed if they relocate to Lagos. All the enabling factors to make their business dream a reality can only be found concentrated in Lagos. Then they say to me, they can’t relocate to Lagos, the life is too fast and too intense for them, and I say to them, forget the business dream and do something else.

In this life, your location determines your allocation. No matter how brilliant, creative or hardworking you are, if you’re in the wrong location, you will never realize that dream. Also, if you’re not supposed to be in Lagos based on your dream type, and you move to Lagos, you may also fail as you’re also misplaced.

Ladies and gentlemen, your dream is still possible, your ambition is still realizable, only if you’re willing to adopt the winning and standard methods, not your own easier and more convenient approach.

As a young man or lady who desire to be married in good time, you can’t afford an employment that will kill your social life. And If you think you can find a good spouse in the workplace, you may be running a huge marital risk as a good colleague does not necessarily translate to a good spouse. A very good employee may be a very bad husband or wife, these roles are very different, don’t get them confused.

It is very difficult to become a super-rich multi-millionaire in Nigeria today as an employee without corruption except in very few organizations.  If you really want to become very rich, own a business of your own or move to a highly rewarding organizations.

My dear sister, if you have a mental picture of the kind of man you want to marry, you must position yourself where such men can locate you. Keeping indoors 247 and perhaps joining a religious congregation where most of the eligible bachelors are below your standard is a waste of your time, prayers and fasting, sweetheart, just move, positioning is important, that’s how Ruth caught Boaz if you know what I’m saying.

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever your dream is, whatever you want in life, you must pay attention to the standard methods for accomplishment. Don’t just focus and delight yourself with your dream destination, pay attention and master the methods. If your life today is very far from the dreams you had, your dreams didn’t fail, your deeds failed. You perhaps violated the rule of methods.

There are too many people today dreaming big and also trying hard to create their own methods to realizing the dream and they end up frustrated. When you have a dream, don’t try to create your own approach, just study and master the standard approach and follow it and you’ll naturally succeed. Look for someone who’s accomplished what you’re chasing legitimately, learn from them; watch their footsteps, emulate their good ways without losing your originality and with time, you’ll manifest similar or even superior results.

Every success has a secret, this secret is hidden in the journey not the destination. To realize and sustain your dreams in life, master your journey and discover the secret. Dear friend, you need to fulfil your dreams, they are waiting for you.

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