The human soul comprises the mind, will and emotions and this has made us quite intense as creatures when it comes to relationships and connections. Based on our mind, our will and emotions, all humans have three-dimensional relationships – first with your maker, second, with others and third, with yourself and these relationships can be quite complex, confusing and unstable. Your choices, decisions, attitude, behavior, responses and reactions in life every day are all influenced by the very complex interaction and behaviors of your mind, your will and your emotions with these three relationship dimensions.

Ultimately, your results and consequences are determined by all these relationships and interactions. What this simply means is that you are more in charge of your results in life than external factors. These relationships are managed from inside out, hence your success is from inside out, your happiness is from inside out, and your safety is from inside out.

The way your mind, emotions and will react and responds in life will determine your success, your happiness and accomplishment in the long run.

For example, you can never be heartbroken or rejected by someone you were never emotionally involved with or in love with. It requires you permitting your mind, emotions and will to fall in love with someone first, for that person to have the power to break your heart. So your heartbreak didn’t come from a lousy lover, it originated from you first in granting permission to your soul to fall in love with the heart breaker. Meaning your happiness is a matter of what you permit, allow or consent to. So it is with your success and accomplishments in life. Everything originates from the depth of your soul.

Many of us are not accomplishing much or recording glowing results in life because our souls are not provided the right place and conditions for progressive and productive growth. Our souls are childish even though we are physically mature and old.

I remember growing up, we had this guava tree close to an external tap in the backyard of the apartment where I grew up in. Every day we washed, cleaned and used so much water from this tap close to this guava tree, but for over 10 years, not once did anyone reap or enjoy a single guava fruit from this healthy-looking guava tree. And when I asked my Mum why, she told me in Yoruba dialect that the guava tree was a masculine one, it lacked the ability to produce fruit even though it was in a conducive zone – a place where it had enough water so as to grow.

Ladies and gentlemen, the true evidence that a tree is healthy and useful is not in its ability to grow physically, look green and lush alone, it’s actually in its ability to bear fruits. No matter how big, beautiful and healthy a fruit-bearing tree is, without bearing fruits, it is useless and very soon it would be cut off and used for firewood.

In fact the bigger a non-productive fruit-bearing tree grows, the higher the tendency it’ll be cut down and used to serve other purposes very soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, beyond growing physically, how well is your soul growing? Your life cannot prosper in superior dimensions to your soul. Physical growth occurs in the body but productive growth occurs at the level of the soul.

Physical growth is external, soul growth is internal. Soul growth is evident by the fruit it bears not by how good it looks. This means your beautifully toned skin, your expensive hair extension, your makeup, your six-packs, your designer wears, lovely shoes, bags, jewelry and physical possessions is no proof that your soul is growing. 

Do not be deceived my friend, there will be a season in your life when you will physically look attractive and promising, hence a lot of people that come across you will give you stuff, offer you freebees and take care of your physical needs because of your physical appeal, hence you will look so good on the outside, but after a while, if your soul refuses to grow and your body continues to age, your benefactors will move on and all you’ve gained or acquire from them will fade, and be gone. At that time, you will realize being productive – an outcome of soul growth, is superior to being attractive, an outcome of physical appearance.

My dear friend ladies and gentlemen, is your soul growing? Yes, your body is growing, you look very nice, fancy, classy, appealing, sexy and attractive but is your soul growing?

If you’re not sure of your answer let me help you. The number one evidence of growth in your soul is increasing selflessness. All men are naturally selfish by default, when they begin to grow and mature in their soul however, they become selfless and sacrificing. They begin to focus on the needs of others, the needs of the community, the needs of the society and they become passionate about doing something about it, no matter what it costs them. This is called true love, something the maker demands of everyone.

A mind, an emotion and a thinking fixated on doing something about the ills, problems, challenges and issues confronting others and the society is a growing soul. A mind fixated on the need, want and comfort of oneself is a childish soul.

A growing soul thinks solution, a childish soul thinks personal needs and comfort.

A soul desperate for growth is very willing to walk out of its comfort zone, knowing fully well that souls don’t grow at comfort zones. Nothing great grows at comfort zones. A childish soul is that soul desperate to hold on to its comfort zone. Great thinking never occurs at comfort zones, creativity is difficult in comfort zones, innovation is scarce in comfort zones, and freedom is never present at comfort zones. A mature soul rejects the comfort zone, a childish soul craves the comfort zone.

A childish soul abhors difficulties and adversity, it lacks the will power to overcome challenges and difficulties hence, always fleeing when there’s discomfort instead of facing the challenges and solving the problem. A weak, childish soul is that one desperate to run away to the US, UK or Canada for uninterrupted power supply and pipe borne water; not interested in collaborating with others to confront the problems of Nigeria, fight the troublers of Nigeria and create a Nigeria we all desire. A childish soul loves the wakanda movie but is unwilling to build a wakanda nation for real.

A childish soul flees in the days of adversity, leaving behind high respectable opportunities and employments to go and take on menial and derogatory jobs in the land of snow, snooty indigenes and racial discrimination having no dreams and vision except cheap food, cheap clothes and perhaps good public schools for their kids. Na vision be that?

A mature soul, however, embraces hardship like a good soldier, is solution-minded, cares about not just himself but everyone, is desperate for productive and progressive change in the nation, is willing to collaborate, contribute and sacrifice, and of course willing to delay gratification.  A mature soul is fruitful, a childish soul remains barren.

 I encourage all those mature enough to stay and fight and speak truth to power to keep on keeping on as very soon, you shall see great results and you shall be celebrated, respected, honored and glorified as a great fighter, not a coward. We shall see the great reward of the temporary discomfort and sacrifice, and I’d like to remind all the childish souls; fleeing, stealing, cheating, defrauding, scamming and exchanging gender favours for money, for cars and luxury you can’t retain or maintain, – Nothing grows in your comfort zone. What your soul lacks, your scam and runs cannot retain, all the show and pepper them shall pass sooner than you imagine. Don’t just show yourself, grow your soul.



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