A major human limitation is the inability to correctly predict the future. No man can correctly tell you what will happen to you within the next hour. Mankind in the desperation to know and control tomorrow has in fact made consultations with divinity and mysticism even with that, control isn’t guaranteed. In this life, no one knows tomorrow, no one can absolutely manipulate tomorrow.

Our dreams, ambition and aspirations for the future are all a matter of hope, not certainty. So we work, plan, strategize and pray hoping our expectations from the future shall be met, at times things turn out in our favour but at other times things turn out different.

Not knowing tomorrow is a critical reason for mankind’s dependence and relying on God. We pray to God to bring to pass all our hopes and aspirations, we pray our dreams come true, we wish for a bright, fulfilling and rewarding future. We all want a happier tomorrow than today, incidentally the power of tomorrow does not lie with us.

As impossible as it is to tell accurately and with precision the details of how your tomorrow will unfold, and as the control of your future is beyond you as mere human, there are however, some rules, some principles, some ordinances and habits that can to a degree help influence and shape the quality of your future and make your future almost predictable.

In this life, the law of sowing and reaping is rife and real. It is evident from experience and we mostly agree anything a man does, either good or bad, one day he shall reap it. It’s also called the law of karma. This simply means a great part of our future holds for us the consequence of our choices, our deeds and habits of today.

If what I do today will affect or shape my tomorrow, then to a large extent I may be able to create the kind of future I want for myself. I may not be able to achieve or create my future in detail, but I’d at least have a good idea of how my future will turn out.

Predicting tomorrow may be tough, but shaping tomorrow is highly possible through our dreams our choices and our actions.

My dear friend, what does your tomorrow hold? What kind of seeds have you been sowing so far? What kind of harvest are you expecting? Good, bad, ugly? How will your life be like in another three to five years? What will you be doing, where will you be working, how much will you be earning; what will you be owning? How will your family life be like, your profession, your life quality and your income? What is that major accomplishment you would have delivered before the next five years? What are you sowing today with expectations of a great harvest in the future? What investments are you making in yourself, your family, your business your career with high hopes of great harvests in the future? How old will you be in five years from today? How much older will your kids be if you add five years to their ages now? how will you cater, provide, nurture and meet most of their needs? Their financial needs, academic needs, material needs, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs? For those who are still single, would you be married with children in five years? What are you doing about it?

Ladies and gentlemen, the fact that the future is not promised to anyone is not a good reason not to plan for a great future. Your mindsight – that is your ability to see your preferred future through the eyes of your mind should guide your daily activities and choices today, not your circumstances or today’s economic situation.

Are you seeing and thinking beyond this year or even next year? Are you working towards a better tomorrow or just living for today – spending half of your time complaining and lamenting doing nothing about yourself and your future? What are the things you’re doing or you need to do to create a great future for you?

Our lives, ladies and gentlemen, is live a journey through a maze. There is definitely an entrance and exit opening, but finding our way through the paths in good time is the most challenging part of our journey to success and greatness in life. There are some virtues, behaviours and attitudes you need to take on today that will make your journey smarter, progressive and rewarding through this maze of life. There are some things you need to start doing today in order to enjoy a future of peace, joy and fulfilment. These required traits, I’d like to share with you today.

  1. Intelligence. This is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills and apply them excellently. To be able to positively influence your future, you must decide to improve in intelligence. Intelligence is not just about the ability to think, it’s about the ability to think excellently. It’s about having a good and healthy brain. To succeed in life you need a spirit of power, a spirit of love and you need a sound mind. A sound mind is a very healthy mind, which is a product of a very healthy brain. You can grow your intelligence by exercising your mind trough regular study –not reading, studying, these are two different activities. When you study regularly, you sharpen your minds ability to comprehend, judge correctly, process information quickly and respond to life with superior answers. The health of your brain also determines your intelligence. There are some food types that help sharpen the mind and there are some food habits and life style habits like smoking, doing drugs and drinking excessively that makes the mind sick.

Not resting and sleeping enough can also hinder your ability to think excellent thoughts. If you can’t think well, you can’t effectively plan a successful future.

  • Information. Dear friend, what do you know? How much do you know? How accurate is all the information you have stored up in your memory? What kind of information do you have stored up? How relevant to your future and up to date is all the information you have? To pre-determine a great future for yourself, you must hanker after quality, relevant and important information. When you’re correctly and adequately informed, you can make excellent decisions and right judgements. Do you have people and places you visit for correct information? What and where are your sources. The person you depend on for information and choose to believe; what is the quality of this person’s life and character?

If all he says that you hold on to and believe is the truth, has it helped you become as successful? Dear friend, the key to riches is not hard work, the key to riches is not “sowing”, these two qualify you though, but the real key to riches is information.  My people perish for lack of knowledge. Dear friend, to create a future of greatness, seek for correct and useful information.

  • Memory. To go quickly through a maze and find the exit in good time, your memory must be superb. To create a great future for yourself, you can’t take for granted the place of a fantastic memory. When you have a retentive memory, it will be hard to repeat your mistakes and errors. When you have a good memory, you’ll easily recollect what worked for you in time past. You’ll also recollect the mistakes you made hence, you can avoid repeating the mistakes. You’ll also remember the formula that worked and the choices that promoted you in time past and repeat them. A good memory is important in building a solid future.
  • Good speed. Time is very critical in life. You can’t afford to waste your time unnecessarily. Whatever you need to do, do it quickly and in good time.  I get confused over people who decide to relax in life or on a particular matter because they believe they still have time, so they’ve chose to waste or kill the time advantage they have, how absurd. The real benefit of having time advantage is using it not wasting it. Having time ought to be to your advantage, but when you choose to kill it or waste it, you’re losing the rare advantage you have. Dear friend, go to school on time, get married on time, have your kids on time, rise to the top of your career on time, start your business on time and retire on time. It is really a blessing when you retire from your labour at 50 and all your kids are graduates at 55. If you have time, use it, don’t kill it.
  • Determination. This is the personal resolve not to give up no matter what the situation portends. The people that succeed in life are not people who never made mistakes, got discouraged or failed but those who never gave up despite their many mistakes and failure.

When you want something out of life, life itself will test your resolve and determination to get it. People and situations will work against you, betrayal, disappointments, frustration, shocking and sudden developments will frequently throw you off balance. All these will make you want to throw in the towel, but when you make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, you’ll go for what you want, life and people will eventually surrender to you. Determination is the power that actually subdues opposition not superior skills. Wear life out with your resilience and determination. When you’re determined, your future will yield greatness to you. Dear friend, never give up.

  • Purposefulness. To create the future you want you must define the kind of future you want. After knowing clearly what you want in your future you must also know why exactly you want that kind of future. When you’re hazy about the kind of future you want, it’ll be easy to give up on it. If you don’t have a strong conviction about that future which you want, it’ll be easy to get carried away by instant gratification and wiles of men. Standing by your reason for wanting a particular kind of future gives you a sense of direction, coordination and prioritisation. When you’re purposeful, you’ll be stable.
  • Focus. It is one thing not to be deterred by the hurt, pain, disappointment and betrayal you encounter on your journey into your future, it’s a different ball game not to yield or bend to the goodies, the fun, the thrills and the tempting, feel good distractions along your journey. Many can easily endure pain and hardship but find it difficult to reject pleasure. For example some men who ought to by now have become multi-millionaires through intelligent investment over the years are very broke and have nothing just because they couldn’t resist attractive women and good liquor. Men with these weaknesses are hardly focused, they usually get slowed down financially, psychologically and emotionally. To build an excellent future, you must develop the capacity to ignore both the bad and the good that can distract you from the best. Don’t settle for less than what you know you want and deserve. Focus is quite key to building a great future.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best way to predict your future is to create it. If your life lacks a sense of control today, I’m afraid your future is definitely out of control. Sit down today and put on paper a mental picture of what you want in your life in another five to ten years. What do you want for your family, how much do you want as your net worth in five years? What level would you have attained in business and career? How much advanced would you have become intellectually and spiritually? What do you want to start doing differently? Think about it today and overcome the maze of life in flying colours.

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