You are born with a specific and defined purpose and role to pay in this world and at this time. All humans exist for a purpose. All animals exist for a purpose. All created things exist for a purpose. Nothing in this world or this life is useless. Everything’s got its role and purpose. From the invisible to the visible, from the galaxy of stars that light up the firmament to the tiniest particle of dust that makes up the crust of the earth, all things exist for a purpose. You have a purpose as well.

The superiority of our makeup and the sophisticated nature of our minds as humans, has unfortunately worked against the natural purpose of our existence on earth. Up till now, humanity at large is yet to fathom, agree and conclude on why we are here on earth.

Consequently, mankind in general and most humans unfortunately, grow up to develop a takers mentality. We do not naturally have a sense of responsibility towards the earth or other people. It’s not in our reasoning to care or give, the popular orientation is to take, collect and amass.

Humanity has over the years developed a sophisticated system that thrives on taking from the world and taking from others. The more you’re able to take, gain and amass, the more respectable, valuable and powerful you become in your society.

The more money you have, the more material possessions you gather, the more land you occupy, the more people serving your dreams, desires and goals, the more important you become in this world.

This system has unfortunately rewired our mentality to thrive and be driven by what to get, how to get it, from where to get it and from whom to get it.

The formal education system and the employment systems have consequently structured and empowered a world order where the general ambition is inspired by the need to apprehend power, money, position and relevance.

Sadly and unfortunately, every getting we can get still leaves the human soul empty. Everything you’ve chased, labored for and made sacrifices to get becomes very ordinary and bland as soon as you get it. Once you get it, you get used to it and you’ll sense it’s no longer satisfying.

That expensive car after a while becomes just another car, that expensive house after a while becomes just a house, that expensive outfit, shoes, wristwatch, bag and everything you’ve loved and wanted becomes very normal to you once you apprehend. Even qualifications, education, degrees and certificates mean nothing after a while. The position, title, office and business become ordinary when familiarity with them sets in.      All things after a little while, leave you in that same emotional condition you were in before you apprehended. No matter what you have, it can never remove depression, anger, sadness, loneliness and frustration from your life. With every higher level comes a more aggressive devil.

The popular mentality of chasing and pursuing possessions and power all lifelong unfortunately can’t fulfill us because true fulfilment comes from service. It’s in your ability to serve others and make better the world at large; that’s your very essence and purpose in this life.

Anything you chose to do different from what you’re meant or designed to do and problems you’re created to solve can never bring you satisfaction.

The deceitfulness of riches, vain glory and painful pretense is to make you think richer people are happier and more satisfied in life, this is so not true. This deception is what keeps you chasing after the very wrong things all lifelong. You’ll assume if you have a certain amount you’ll be happy and satisfied, if you obtain certain status, you’ll be happy and satisfied, you’ll think if you achieve certain dreams you’ll be happy and satisfied and after getting all these things you’re realize you’re still unhappy and dissatisfied.

Ladies and gentlemen, kindly think with me this morning and try not to conform to the thinking pattern of this world and its systems. Pull back a bit in your mind and ask yourself this important question. What are you really chasing in this life? Is it the job, is it the cars, is it the money, is it the position, is it the titles, the relationship, is it the dream. Truth is these are not the things you’re really chasing.

What you’re really chasing is how obtaining these things will make you feel. Your purists in life are driven by your feelings not by that need or the pursuits in themselves.

You don’t want an expensive car for the sakes of the car, you want it because of how getting it will make you feel. Your feeling is driving the pursuit of that expensive car.

You don’t want the big house in that classy neighborhood because you want a roof over your head, no, you want it because of how owning such a house will make you feel.

You don’t want a seven figure bank balance because of the money, you want it because such an amount will make you feel secure, successful and powerful.

Most of the things we’re chasing in this life are not our real goals in themselves, the real goal is how getting or obtaining these things will make us feel.

What we’re really chasing in life include happiness, safety, security, acceptance, respect, appreciation, confidence, companionship, influence, self-esteem and a sense of worth.

These, ladies and gentlemen are our real goals in life, these are the things we’re really chasing. That’s why our levels of contentment vary. It’s not just one kind of car or house or qualification that does it for everyone. Individual feelings suggests and controls individual pursuits and the pursuits determine individual level of contentment per season.

Hence, one man’s pursuit may be a three bedroom bungalow back home in his village and his neighbor’s pursuit may be to own a mansion on the most expensive island in Lagos.

Both men are not running after houses passé, they are running to satisfy their unique individual feelings.

But my dear friend, the real worth of a man is not measured in the quantity or extent of his acquisition but impact made in life. This is because we are not designed as takers, we are designed as givers. We are designed not just for blessings but to be a blessing to the world. Our existence on earth should make the whole world celebrate and be glad.

That is the real essence and nature of your soul. Most of us have our souls, drained, empty and weak because our souls are not functioning in the place of the original essence. We have allowed this container, this flesh that houses our soul take priority over the real us. Over our spirits and our souls.

Feelings is of the flesh, destiny is of the soul and purpose is of the spirit. We have allowed the cravings of the flesh align us with a world’s system that is basically about taking, which is repugnant to your soul nature which thrives by creating, giving, contributing and adding value to this life and humanity.

My dear friend, the cravings of the flesh can never be satisfied even if you own the whole world. Riches, wealth and power can never address the feelings of fear, insecurity, anger, low self-esteem, loneliness, sadness, depression, frustration and helplessness.

A life that will find satisfaction is that one that will not conform to the systems of this world, but will choose transformation by mind renewal so as to understand the good and perfect essence of its existing. You must change your thinking and switch it from that of a taker to that of a giver.

Your labour pattern henceforth must be in the place of service to humanity. How to make this world better, how to make life easier, how to make living more comfortable, how to make the world safer and better for men and women for children and the youth, for orphans and widows for the rich and the poor, the leaders and the governed, the sick and the healthy, the educated and the non-literate. , how to make everybody happier.

Satisfaction and peace comes from using your natural and acquired gifts, talents and even possessions to make others happy. The real key to satisfaction and happiness is not in what you have or own, it’s in what you give. When you make others happy, when you make others safe, when you make others comfortable, yours will naturally come. No matter how blessed you think you are, you are not really blessed until you become a blessing to others.

When you become a blessing, your soul will be satisfied. Your happiness, safety, peace security, confidence, courage, boldness, joy and fulfilment wouldn’t depend on what you own or pursue anymore, it will be drawn from the lives you are daily touching.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you take leaves you empty, what you earn leaves you fulfilled.

Stop competing with others in life, don’t conform to this world’s system, come out from amongst them and be separate. Let your light shine. Don’t just exist, choose to live, let the whole creation rejoice at your season, touch your generation. Make your life count.



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