The quality of your life and experience today, who’s really responsible? Is it your making? Let’s share on that this morning.

Many of us many times get confused about life. We look at so many things and developments and wonder why things turn out the way they do. We have so much expectations from life and work very hard to accomplish our goals and many times we end up frustrated and wonder if life is fair to us after all.

Ladies and gentlemen, life can be tough and rough not just because of what is happening all around but also a consequence of not having a clear understanding of the realities of life itself. A nation is not just a geographical expression, it’s about a people. When everyone clamours for change and improvement but as individuals, we prefer to remain the same then we would hardly see or experience any great change or improvement. The reality in life is this, things never change if the people don’t change.

Every negative experience we have as a nation is an outcome and consequence of how people are and what people are doing. Bad things don’t just happen, people do these bad things. We can choose to place the blame anywhere but I assure you, you will hardly experience any personal improvement and progress in your own life if you do not personally carry out any change or improvement in your life.

It doesn’t matter your location in this world and the quality of resources available to you, if as a person you resist change and don’t invest in self-improvement and development, I’m afraid, life will remain tough and rough for you.

You see, this world runs on certain laws and principles you can’t afford to disdain, reject or neglect if you want to excel. It’s beyond desire, passion or prayers; you must do what you must do to see the kind of results you want to see in your life.

If today you are having less than glowing results in life, you must become brave enough to confront yourself and take at least, some responsibilities for your life. Everybody else but you cannot be guilty and responsible for your difficulties and troubles in life.

Dear friend, what are you not doing right? What are you failing at, struggling with and escaping from, what are you afraid of, what are you denying?

Ladies and gentlemen, every success in life no matter the surrounding situations or condition starts with the individual. Your great life starts with you! You must take responsibility for your own life.

You see, to succeed and excel in the midst of harsh socioeconomic conditions you must develop an unshakable self-confidence and sense of responsibility. Once you give up the charge and control of your life to another person, institution or nation, you suddenly become a victim.

To succeed, you must take full, complete, systematic and purposeful control of your life’s direction.

Let me share a secret with you, almost everything in your life today found its way there through your mind. Good, bad or ugly, almost everything in your life didn’t just jump in, they accessed your life through your mind.

You see, most of the time, things don’t happen to us in life, we happen to things. Hmm.

Our life trajectory actually operates on the four premise of knowledge, thoughts, choices and action. You know something or someone, you think about that thing or that person, you make a decision on the thing or person, you take action on the thing or person then you get your results on the thing or person.

Almost everything in your life came into your life and set its course by you observing this process either deliberately or subconsciously.

You literacy level, your skill or profession, your employment type, your employer, your life partner, your friends, your quality of life and guess what; even your income. Knowledge, thoughts, choices, action.

What you earn is a matter of knowledge all the way to what you do. You can choose to improve your income and your life quality today by first improving what you know, thinking and meditating thoroughly on your new knowledge and information, making choices and decisions based on the new knowledge and doing all that is necessary to achieve your desired results.

You know, many people do all they want to, not all that is necessary, that’s why they often fail. You should push yourself to do all that is necessary to get all you want and you’ll reach your goals in life.

The difference between you and others doing very well in your environment despite the prevailing common challenges is primarily in what they know. They know something or so many things that you do not know.

The reason why they have great results and you may not have such fantastic results is that they process and meditate on information and knowledge you do not have. The reason their success keeps appreciating is because they make better and informed choices you cannot. The reason they deliver back to back positive results in life is because they think harder, deeper, wider and more comprehensively than you do.  This is simply because they know what you do not know.

Ladies and gentlemen, a 21st century achiever has his secret in knowledge and information not just hard work. Hard work will not deliver for you if you’re not working right. Working right is working hard on the right thing, in the right place with the right people and with the right information.

The reason many of us are struggling in life and stagnant is because we don’t value or chase after the right knowledge and information. We’d rather spend hours on traditional and social media taking in so much gist and news and gossip that don’t in any way help our personal growth, creativity and productivity. We crave for updates on what’s happening in the lives of friends and celebrities; we subjugate and ignore information and knowledge that will improve us personally – improve our thinking, our minds, skills, abilities, choices, actions and outcomes.

We prioritise what’s going on in the lives of others over how we can make better our own lives. We spend money on data and TV primarily to keep up with the trends and dirty details in the lives of others, we don’t Google or search for materials, videos, and information that would improve our personal skills, capacities, abilities, relevance at the workplace and fire up our dreams. Entertainment is more important to us than personal growth. Entertainment really, ought to be a distraction and a season of recess from working hard on our lives; entertainment shouldn’t be our primary life obsession.

Let’s take the time to ask real and germane questions this morning, what new thing have you learnt since the start of this year, where and how have you grown, how many new good books have you read, how many training and seminars have you personally attended and paid for? What exactly are your top three goals this year? What are you doing about them?

I come across so many comedy videos, banners and remarks on social media, I come across so many religious videos, prayers and faith banners. These go viral very quickly and the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ climb into thousands very quickly. But hardly do I come across new knowledge, new ideas, powerful videos on creativity, personal success, accomplishments and business ideas that is made in Nigeria going viral that fast. It’s sad but the truth is, many of us don’t want to do what is required but what we desire hence, we hardly succeed.

To see change and improvement, dear friend, you must change and improve. Stop being jealous of those working right and getting results because you are just working hard without knowledge. Working hard in ignorance will frustrate you and make you blame others for your failures. Choose, this year, to spend more of your time on knowledge acquisition and personal development than entertainment, lounging and sleep; and see if you wouldn’t be happier by the end of the year.

Many do claim they indulge in so much entertainment, sleep and lounging to distract themselves from their many troubles and challenges, but why engage in distraction when you can actually decide and do things to solve the problems?

Dear friend, how your year will end is your making, make it worthwhile.

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