I’m sure we all desire one form of improvement or another in our lives. This morning lets share on how to improve our circumstances.

Anything that can be improved carries within it the capacity to be better. The word better is a comparative of the word good and its superlative is the word best.

This simply means if today you believe there is a need to improve your circumstances you are concurring with the fact that your life can be better. How do you know this? it’s simply because from all you see around and all you know, it’s obvious people are experiencing life circumstances better than yours even in this economic downturn.

It is difficult or rare to desire strongly something you’ve never seen, heard or experienced before. We usually are desirous of something we know exist and we can for a fact apprehend. Meaning if today, you want a better life circumstance for yourself, you have at least an idea of how you want your next circumstance to be. You have a clue on where next you want to be in life and the progress or upgrade you desire to make.

As we wake up daily, we see people, things, possessions, places and observe a lifestyle we are yet to attain in life.

We see houses we can’t afford yet, cars we can’t afford yet, clothes we can’t afford yet, hotels, restaurants, lounges and very impressive relaxation and leisure points we can’t afford to visit yet.

We frequently come across people that intimidate us in achievement, class, exposure, intellect, appearance and even style.

We hear and read about great achievers, leaders and influencers in our society doing great stuff we can’t handle yet.

We see friends, associates and colleagues enjoying fantastic marital relationships, we see happy people, rich people, powerful people and noble people interacting, networking, interrelating and driving the social and material direction of our society. We watch, observe, dream, pray, hope and aspire to one day, achieve our own dreams.

Based on all these great and impressive things we see and hear about daily, the desire to improve our own circumstances too is naturally invoked.

However, the gap or drawback in this ambition for many is that we do not really know how to upgrade. We really don’t know how to improve our life’s circumstance.

The majority think a very good life is delivered by having lots of money. Once we see anyone living a great life, we conclude it’s a matter of cash. We then assume all we need to do to acquire the house, the cars, the relationships and lifestyle we really desire is to make a lot of money. We hence begin to chase after money desperately; some of us unto stress and untimely death.

We seek highly rewarding but slave camp employments, and try to work at our businesses nonstop to make enough money that will deliver to us the kind of improvement we want in life.

We wrongly assume enough money would deliver for us a great life. However, as important as money is to a great life, money alone will not deliver to us that great life we want.

This is because pure cash is powerless and transient if we lack the right capacity, knowledge about the economic and social relevance.

Let me explain this. You see, many who were comfortable a year or two ago may today be very broke and their life quality diminished because they had only cash without the right capacity, comprehension and relevance within the environment.

If your life quality is purely a matter of cash, economic downturn such as we’re experiencing today can take you out. Economic forces can make nonsense of your cash if you lack contemporary capacity, comprehension and social relevance to float with.

Many erstwhile rich and respected managers and directors in leading cooperation, multinational and top notch enterprises earning so much and living large back in the days become very broke, irrelevant and ordinary after retirement.

This is because the dynamism in the economy made nonsense of their monies without contemporary capacity, comprehension and relevance.

Many young people who are yet to experience the life quality and standard they desire are frustrated and even envious of their contemporaries who already are because their hard work and strategy is not delivering on their expectations of an improved life quality.

Ladies and gentlemen, for you to keep stepping up in standard, life quality and class you must apply the right strategy.

You don’t improve your life quality by chasing money. You improve your life quality by attracting first, the right people, second the right opportunities and thirdly, the right reward.

Please get it right, you don’t chase these, you attract all these. People, opportunities and reward.

There is this popular saying that birds of the same feathers, flock together. When you look around you and you see some people living the life you want to upgrade to, you don’t chase or run after them or pretend to be like them, no, you change your feathers to be like them.

To upgrade to a particular socioeconomic strata, you must study and understand the strata or level.

What is obvious is the lifestyle, achievement, possessions, ways and swag of a people belonging to a specific socio-economic level, but what is hidden is what makes them tick. You must seek to know what drives them, what their core is, and what makes them flock.

Money will fail to upgrade you if you don’t understand the core of those you admire in value, priorities, purpose and drive.

Listen, if we all have 24 hours in a day and you work much harder than many people better than you in life, dear friend, there is a secret.

Many who do not understand this, tend to conclude superior achievers are probably dishonest, shrewd or fetish in their ways. Hence justifying their inability to flow in that realm with these assumptions.

Dear friend, the simplest secret to improving your life circumstance is simply in improving yourself. It’s not in chasing money, collecting personal details of important people or crashing events and high profile functions uninvited. It’s about improving yourself.

You cannot successfully buy your way to your next level, you actually grow yourself to your next level.

What are the things you need to grow? I’ll tell you. Number one, Knowledge.

To upgrade yourself from a five figure income earner to a six figure income earner you must know what six figure income earners know. To grow your salary from the realm of thousands to millions a month you must know what those earning millions know.

I’m not talking about movies, football, entertainment, weather, politics and general gist. I’m talking about economic, financial, career and business information.

When you speak and you sound like them, and they learn useful things from you, you need not chase after them, they will come for you and propose business deals to you.

Relevant business and financial knowledge common to that class of people you want to upgrade to is a powerful weapon of access. Your ability to comprehend and identify productive opportunities will upgrade your life faster than anything else.

Secondly, grow your capacity. If you can do what they can do, they see you like them. For example If you can speak their quality of English, comprehend intelligent jokes, enjoy and understand their preferred form of  entertainment – jazz, R&B for example, use effectively their kind of social media apps and communication device; not just owning, knowing how to use it and interacting with them on it, they will be more open to you. You’re beginning to flock.

Thirdly, grow in maturity. High profile individuals comport themselves in certain ways. There is a way they behave, talk, interact and mingle especially in public. Most of them don’t use crass, low life, vulgar or offensive terms when communicating in public. They respect people and act like perfect gentlemen and ladies

They hardly fight or quarrel over small matters and they overlook disrespect and bad behaviours from people of lower life level. They are usually together and are much matured. When you learn to act this way, you attract them.

Lastly, character. You must be a man of your words, you must respect time, keep appointments, keep promises and be honest. People can’t stand liars, people can’t stand pretenders, don’t show off and don’t always yap and brag about the new big thing you’re up to, let it show itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look around you today and there are people living lives superior to yours in quality and style, the economy may not really be a hindrance, if it’s not holding down people more successful than you it means the possibility of catch up is still in place despite the economy. It’s time to re-strategize.

Stop wasting your time waiting for the government to make all things perfect for you, perfect your life yourself.

To outsmart and outgrow the economic downturn, simply grow you.

Grow what you should know, what you can do and how you behave. The faster your growth, the better your circumstance. Make it happen.