Many of us have experienced losses in our lives in time past. We’ve lost very precious things, people, relationships and opportunities. Many of us can even now begin to remember that good friend that we lost, relationships that we lost, marriages that we lost, jobs that we lost, businesses that we lost, positions that we lost and good feelings we can’t connect with any longer.

Many of us, by the reason of some tough things we went through, have lost our confidence, our pride, our self-esteem and our happiness. Many of us have lost many valuable things in time past in our lives.

Dear friend, truth is, your ability to obtain and retain most things in your life is not about luck or good fortune but personality. If you really think about it, most of the things you gained and lost in your life must have been a matter of coincidence and happenstance. Those things just came into your life; you were just at the right place at the right time with the right people when you obtained. You really didn’t deliberately pursue and obtain. These things, these people, these opportunities came and left just as they came. Not all, most.

The reason many of what you had and lost left your life is simply because you perhaps lacked the capacity to retain them. You perhaps lacked the required wisdom, maturity, knowledge and skills to retain all those good things you obtained but eventually lost.

Retaining the good things in your life is not a matter of struggle, hard effort or desperation. You can’t keep struggling hard for all the good things you want to remain in your life, on the contrary, you attract and retain all you want in your life by developing a personality magnet.

The way you are determines the things you’ll attract and retain in life. Your personality, not your activates most of the time determine the friends that’ll stay, the opportunities you’ll retain and the good feelings that would abide and grow within you.

Your personality often determines if friends and loved ones will want to stay or leave after a while. Your personality will determine if that business and career opportunity will remain open or shut after a while.

Your personality will determine your self-esteem, confidence, happiness and reactions to situations and all the people in your life.

Success in life is less of chasing and more of attracting, for anything to arrive and remain in your life, you must attract it with the magnetic force of a sound personality.

The reason many of us are not rapidly progressing or achieving our dreams lie more with our personality gaps.

The way we see and interpret life, the way we see ourselves and behave, the way we see others and judge them will determine what we’ll attract, retain and achieve in life.

To progress rapidly into the kind of life you want and daily dream of, you must commence an effort to fill your personality gaps today. Permit me share with you this morning, some of the gaps you may need to fill:

  1. The assumption gap.

Many people assume success in life just occurs. Even most successful people can’t repeat their process of success because it wasn’t their doing. This is because achievements and breakthroughs for many were not planned or organised, they were accidental. Many just kept doing what they knew how and one day, their goals and ambition materialised. Dear friend, don’t bank your success on assumption. Become deliberate about your plan and journey to success. The gift of intelligence and creativity to mankind is for us to be able to deliberately plan and execute success agendas.  Don’t assume you’ll succeed in life if you don’t master the how of succeed, don’t pray for success if you’re not deliberately working towards it, if you don’t plan and work towards success you’ll hardly succeed. Success in major areas of your life may never happen if you’re unlucky, and should you stumble on success by luck, you can’t retain it. Success don’t just happen, its worked for.

  • The belief gap

The fact that you believe in something strongly does not mean it will work if it’s not the way the truth and the life. Many today are sold on lies and half-truths in critical matters of life and they strongly believe these lies. Their belief is mostly based on the source of the information, their own mindset and stories of people such as recommended methods worked for but once.

If a success pattern or sequence cannot be repeated again and again, it’s not wise to believe absolutely in it. If what you believe is not working in your life consider the belief of others that have legitimate back to back results and borrow their brain. Wrong beliefs can stagnate, frustrate and imprison you. What do you believe, is it the truth? Is it really working?

  • The time gap

Your time is your life. Your life is measured in duration and guess what, you don’t have much time; no one really has enough time. Stop wasting your time by putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. Every time is the right time once you’re equipped and no time is the right time when you’re ill-equipped; timing is, therefore, a matter of preparedness and equipping. It’s your prerogative. A 25-year-old man may be ready for the challenges and responsibilities of marriage and a forty-year-old may not be able to handle any marital issue. A 50-year-old may not be able to lead a department and a 35-year-old may be ready for the position of an MD. It’s not always about when, it’s about adequate preparation and being ready, once you’re ready, its time. Your time is in your hands, stop wasting it.

  • The perfection gap

Many never make a move in life because they’re waiting for that perfect time, that perfect person, that perfect opportunity, that perfect amount and the perfect environment. No one and nothing is ever perfect in this life, perfection is a journey towards excellence; and excellence is dynamic, always growing, it’s not a condition or situation, start with the imperfect and strive towards perfection. There is no perfect moment or person, start where you are with what you have.

  • The inspiration gap

If you want rapid success in your life, don’t wait for inspiration, you don’t do things when you feel like it, you do things because you have to. Don’t wait to do what is needful and necessary when you feel like, do it when you need to. Do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like; immediately you start on it, inspiration will catch up with you, never wait for inspiration; just work and inspiration will show up.

  • The identification gap

The fact that many people are stagnant, poor and suffering is not a good reason for you to be like them. Never find comfort and solace in identifying with the wrong majority; don’t identify with negative things because it affects the majority, own your own life, everyone is suffering is not a good reason for you to remain in suffering. Be an exception, make your own life work.

  • The expectations gap

Many of us today have lost friends, relationships and opportunities because of faulty expectations.  You expected certain behaviours, treatments, rewards, privileges and gains that were probably not promised or guaranteed. These expectations were based on your perception of these people and situations not the reality. Consequently, you became bitter, enraged and disappointed based on over-expectation, hence you gave up on the friend, the relationship, the employment, the business and the potential. Dear friend, manage your expectations, never expect anything with desperation. People change, situations change hence expectations can change. Manage your expectations.

Dear friend, your ability to manage these gaps in your personality will very quickly propel you towards your goals and dreams in life.

Make up your mind today to fill in the gaps in your personality.

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