At times my job can be very difficult on the account of the kind of questions I’m asked, advice people seek, social problems people want me to intervene in and the inconsistency of mankind in thoughts, decisions and the will to do.

When you’re purposed to serve in the field of humanitarian services and you’re passionate about the wellbeing, success and prosperity of mankind in general, it can be frustrating to see how easy it is for many people to do so well and succeed in life but they’re still held back by their thinking, mind-set and judgements.

The reason for the crisis, pain and struggle for many people in life is exclusively a thinking and mind-set problem.

Educated, exposed, intelligent, hardworking and kind people; suffering so much and achieving so little in this life simply because they have a mind-set challenge.

Lately, too many people have asked me questions and drawn conclusions in one-on-one conversations and through mails regarding the efficacy of my advocacy that success and a good life is possible for all men. They refuse to accept the chance of a better life because of their strong belief in the concept of destiny and predestination.

In their opinion what will be, will be. They believe no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter what you know, if you’re predestined by your maker to be poor and wrenched, there is nothing you can do about it, you will be poor and wretched.

On the account of this belief which incidentally has been well canvassed by many divine philosophers and preachers as well, too many people are performing far below their real potentials and possibilities in life. Many people give up too easily, once they fail at first attempt on any matter or ambition, they don’t want to try again, they simply conclude it’s not their destiny. Hmm.

I’ve heard many say things like riches is not their destiny, business success is not their destiny, going to school and sound education is not their destiny, happy marriage is not their destiny, favour, high positions and leadership positions are not their destiny.

Sadly, they refuse to aspire, dream big and work hard to become great in life, they are not resilient and they give up too easily – embracing smallness and mediocrity; believing that is their destiny.

My intention this morning is to clarify as much as I can the meaning of destiny and how it applies. I’ll attempt to balance the place of destiny and the will of mankind in this journey of life. This may come across from a more divine orientation, matters of destiny and predestination are a divinity subject.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is what is called destiny. Now if you assume your choices and actions don’t affect your destiny in any way, dear friend you are wrong. And if you assume your choices and actions are all you need to succeed in life, dear friend, you are also wrong. So contrary to that popular saying, I think it’s actually a Yoruba idiom; your destiny is not in the palm of your hands.

Your destiny dear friend is your purpose in life, the reason why you are created and the reason why you exist. Your destiny or purpose in life is what informed your gender, your race, your family lineage, your tribe, your country, nationality and continent. Your purpose, your reason for being, your assignment; the reason why you’re designed the way you’re designed, your natural gifts and talents, your natural abilities, why you’re sent to this world, your place in this world, that’s your destiny. This matter was concluded by your maker before you were born or even conceived in your mother’s womb.

Every life has a purpose. You are created and designed to fulfil a purpose in this life. You are designed specially and equipped uniquely to fulfil that purpose, when you eventually fulfil the reason for your birth and existence, you have arrived at your destination. You have breast the tape, you have finished your race. You have arrived at your destination as desired by your maker who determined your purpose and your destination.

Your destiny is the reason why you exist. This, in my opinion, is the most important discovery any human being can make in this life – Knowing why you exist!

If you don’t know why you exist, you definitely have no clue what your destiny is, hence, you can’t fulfil it and you’ll never arrive at your destination, you’ll never fulfil purpose.

Your destiny in life is simply discovered and indicated through various life issues and matters that has nothing to do with you directly but bothers you daily and intensely. You’re concerned, worried and feel a sense of responsibility towards improving things and making things work better in that aspect of life.

Your purpose is something; an assignment a responsibility you’ll willingly to do passionately even if you’re not paid to do it. That, my friend is your destiny. This is determined by your maker who formed you, designed you and wired you with passion, capacity, will and creative ability to improve that aspect of human existence. That is your destiny.

Many people today unfortunately, are not fulfilling their destinies because of their mind-set and the will to impress people; the desire to work in elitist companies or prestigious fields, or the desperate hanker for money and survival, which consequently, makes them take on professions or jobs paying enough money but without happiness, satisfaction or fulfilment.

They are making so much money but there is an emptiness they feel inside simply because they’re not in their place in this world. No matter how much they are paid, they are never motivated, inspired, dedicated or creative because they don’t like or enjoy the job, all they want is the money.

They’re not fulfilling their destinies; they’re wasting their time and lives, they will never arrive at their destinations, at age 65, 70 and 80, after retirement, they will look back and be filled with regret and pain for wasting their lives chasing money; eventually realising purpose is far more important than cash.

Dear friend, financial and material success has its origin in the spirit realm. That’s why money ritual is possible. It’s not just hard work, education and intelligence that make rich. Your maker has an obligation to fund your destiny assignment only, and not your own choice of career.

That’s why there are rich people and very poor people in the same trade or profession. the rich one is in his place of assignment so there is supernatural provision to fund his destiny assignment hence he’s rich – the spirit realm will make people patronise him without much effort, but the poor one is not in his place of assignment, hence the spirit realm does not make financial provision or supply available because that is not his destiny assignment.

For example, if you’re designed and pre-destined by your creator to be a teacher like me but you decide to secure employment in an oil company because of money and prestige, 1. You will never enjoy what you do, 2. You will feel empty and your work will be stressful, 3. You will never be fulfilled and you’ll suffer identity crisis, and of course you’ll never be as rich because you’re in the wrong place and I’m in the right place, so the creator will sponsor his assignment in my own hands but will withhold divine supplies from you because you’re not doing the work he created you to do; your income will never be enough and never satisfy because it’s not your provision; you’re sweating for it, because you’re not in your place, you’re not fulfilling your maker’s will – your purpose – your destiny, so there is no approval for you divine budget in the spirit realm. You will work and live by the economic dictates of your environment; not supernatural provision.

What I’m trying to explain this morning is, no matter your profession or business, even if it’s selling pure water, if that is your destiny; what you’re created to do, you will be rich, happy, fulfilled and satisfied; in fact long life is more guaranteed for people living in destiny and fulfilling purpose than those who are not. If you’re working in destiny, no matter your schedule or workload you’ll hardly be stressed because his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Many people not working in destiny are extremely stressed up and dying suddenly of cardiac arrest. They are misplaced in this world, the creator is not happy with them, they are wasting time and the resources he invested in them.

Ladies and gentlemen, your creator pre-destines your purpose and assignment in this life, not your actions and inactions. Your actions and inactions are your decisions and choices to make. Your maker does not predestine your choice. Your maker can’t predestine you to do wrong and then punish you for it; that will not be fair.

The power of choice lies absolutely with you. Your maker does not predestine your actions, he has only predestined the consequences of your actions, through the same universal principle of sowing and reaping; which applies to everyone and everything in life, hence God doesn’t even punish you, it is your wrong deeds that punish you through the universal law of sowing and reaping. You can’t hold God responsible for the consequences of your wrong choices and bad behaviours, it is your choice and you simply reap what you sow.

Hence, the choice to be rich, the choice to be happy, the choice to succeed, the choice to be kind, the choice to be hardworking, the choice to study hard, the quest for knowledge, the choice to be moral, the choice to go to school, the choice to raise your children well, the choice to do the right thing is 100% yours, your choices are not predestined, your purpose in this world is predestined.

If you have been predestined to be the best medical doctor in the world by the almighty, and you refuse to go to school and study medicine, you will never become one, you will never fulfil that destiny. Predestination is of the maker, making choices is of the mortal. That’s why mankind is accountable to the maker on matters of choices and fulfilment of destiny.

Everyman shall give an account, not just on issues of morality and religion but on matters of destiny, that’s what he would reward.  Five talents, two talents, one talent; Are you profiting with your talent or burying your talent under so called prestigious careers or hanker for money? It lies with you.

My dear friends, I hope with this explanation, the mails and messages and tweets on matters of predestination and destiny would reduce drastically. So please listen to me, you’re not destined to be poor, you’re not destined to be an illiterate, you’re not destined to fail in business, you’re not destined to be unemployable, you’re not destined to fail in career, you’re not destined not to amount to anything great or meaningful in life, your choices determine all that.

Just do me and you one great favour this morning, find your destiny, find your purpose and take responsibility for your choices. Your life will be much easier and happier; your maker will be happy with you.

Enjoy your day.



  1. Sir, you have touched my mind. Am destined by my maker to be a good politician. And I am working towards the tools to accomplish my destiny purpose. Thanks for this message.

  2. Splendid


    • Ayodele Akinkunmi Nurudeen

      Indeed sir, you are a saviour of our time. You have made me realized my destiny & purpose in this life; a social reformer, a politician. I’m currently working on the components that would make it accomplished. Thank you once again for your assistance always, ‘most especially in 2017.’ I’m grateful! Long life & prosperity sir!!!

  4. Wow, this piece of writing is pleasant, my sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to let know her.|

  5. Wonderful. Thank you sir.

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