Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.

Everything you see in your life today – the good, the bad and the ugly, to a large extent, are products of your thinking, and outcomes of your reasoning.

Victory, dominion, freedom, peace, riches, good health and happiness all come from the QUALITY of your mindset. They have little to do with your environment.

If anyone around you has got any of these great stuff and you don’t, it’s proof it’s not the environment; it’s your mindset.

”THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND” – a powerful coaching on how to take charge of your mind and reasoning comes up every Sunday at the live class this November!

So join us, this Sunday at 5pm for the first powerful mind-shift experience!

You can succeed and be happier I assure you! It’s all in your mind, so be there!

Participation is FREE!

Venue – L’eola Hotel, Shonibare Estate, by Mobil Filling Station Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos

Make this November count for something – be transformed!

Happy New Month.

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