Quality and Cost, winning both ways!

Nothing can be more frustrating than handling issues you have no direct control over.
As a fledging training and consulting firm, we are quite particular with the quality of our delivery in the various training engagements we’ve been fortunate enough to win. Of course, we want to win more businesses so we make it top priority to satisfy our clients so as to sustain a positive word of mouth and an ongoing relationship.
Winning businesses in our field these days is quite daunting as there are many competitors and well-established names, it takes so much for us to compete. So the ones we win, we do not take them for granted at all.
A major issue, however, had become quite a thing for us and we had been looking at how to tackle it successfully. It’s the issue of suitable training venues.
The affordable ones in Lagos, mostly have a less than average service quality in terms of food, cooling systems, and equipment for training; like projector, sound and laptops. The ones with the best in class of all the essential provisions for top-notch training are way too expensive, most of our revenue goes into paying for the venue.
It was quite frustrating for us, we kept wondering how and where we would find a blend of high-quality training hospitality that is also affordable. Then one of our candidates recommended L’eola Hotel Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. We gave it a shot and believe me, they exceeded our expectations.
The calmness of the environment, the warmth and friendliness of the staff, the food, the orderliness, the organisation, the attention to details and the cost were so perfect.
We got the highest overall rating from participants with this 3-day training held at L’eola Hotel mostly due to the great support enjoyed from the hotel in the course of the event.
You want to up the class of your training and still make good margins? It’s L’eola Hotel in Maryland Ikeja, Lagos.
L’eola Hotel
L’eola Hotel

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