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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.
Happy New Month!

The rife availability and engagement of social media in recent years have presented an opportunity for many to share and express their pain, worries, fears and frustration over our socioeconomic wellbeing as a people and as a nation.

Comments, analysis and criticism of gaps and ineptitude of public and private sector leaders is daily expressed by many on various social media platforms.

However, many of these issues enjoy attention and comments but rarely, corrective reaction from many Nigerians or by extension; Africans.
We just talk, we hardly do something about things.

The final note or pronouncement on most of these troubling issues is, “God will help us” or “We will keep praying”.

Divine intervention is not a bad thing but truth be told, divinity would always require the collaboration of humanity for true and positive transformation to manifest anywhere!

That’s why it’s a pleasure today, to introduce to you AFRICAN TRANSFORMATION NETWORK.

ATN is an NGO registered with continental access, and wholly committed to transforming the mindset and results of the youths in Africa.

Nigeria, for example, has got over a hundred million young people less than 30 years old, who mostly believe instant gratification, sudden riches – irrespective of the source, materialism, and the advantage to “oppress” others is what success means.

Honesty, integrity, diligence, hard work, productivity, valuable knowledge, loyalty and sincere love, to most of them, is baseless and outdated.

At ATN, we believe you cannot change a man’s ways and results unless, and until you change his mindset.
That’s why as an NGO, our projects and initiatives across Nigeria and Africa are targeted at meeting the basic needs of the youths first, then resetting their mindsets through conferences, seminars, workshops and entrepreneurship empowerment.

Perhaps you may not have the time and/or energy to activate positive transformation for our nation on your own, but you can play a part in identifying with us in your own way to make a better future for Nigeria and Africa a reality.

I believe you are a proud and concerned African with that hope for a better tomorrow. If the blood runs in you, and you want to do something for the next generation, this is a good chance.

So kindly visit for details on how to identify and partner with us to build a better youth for a better Africa.

God forbid in another 2 to 3 decades, Asians will be “in charge” of Africa and our children will “serve” them even in Africa!

Our generation must NOT fail posterity.

Many thanks for your time and attention.

God bless you and have a great November!

Muyiwa Afolabi.
Presiding Officer, African Transformation Network

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