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To serve and meet the needs of individuals and enterprises who desire and seek answers on how to become successful and great.

Anybody and everybody can succeed! 

In my many years of study of the earth, the world and mankind, I’ve eventually come to believe anybody and everybody can succeed. Actually, there are no problems in this world, the only problem in this world is ignorance! Once you KNOW the answer to a problem, it ceases to be a problem. Any problem knowledge cannot solve is classified as nature.




My commitment to inspiring all citizens to commit to building their own nations despite many challenges and limiting factors. I inspire Africans and their leaders especially, to develop progressive public policies, build stronger institutions, uphold justice and transparency, and create a REALISTIC social order that is popular, and will work for them as a people - given their unique history, culture, diversity, maturity and collective ambition. 


Your skills, certificates, qualifications and hard work do not guarantee your frequent promotion and early rise to the top of your career ambition. The two keys to timely corporate leadership is PRODUCTIVITY and healthy CORPORATE POLITICS. If you’ve not mastered these two, you will keep struggling and stressing over your career and you may hardly arrive at your desired destination. My job is to coach you on how to become a successful corporate leader in record time.


The number one objective of every business is to make and grow good profits. Either as an entrepreneur or a conglomerate, the power of your profit lies very much with your commercial dexterity. Your billions are still in the hands of millions of people who will only release it to you when you connect and satisfy them the way they prefer. My job is to teach you realistic and superior ways on how to achieve this feat.



It is “the people” that make a nation, not their geographical location. That is why many nations located on a naturally endowed continent like Africa are poor, and many nations located on dry desert lands are super rich. Also, it is the “quality of a people” that make a nation great not the number of her citizens. My job is to make citizens drop that sense of entitlement to pick up a sense of responsibility and service towards their nation.



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Muyiwa Afolabi is a very passionate social entrepreneur. Born and raised in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria to parents who were both civil servants until they retired. Muyiwa often meditated and wondered about his immediate environment – a society where many people were so poor and a handful were super rich.

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